Assembly Plant Opportunities

Flexible Licensing Opportunities

ACTS Cerarmix Solutions International, LLC is an AlphaGen Materials channel partner founded to bring advanced building technology to a broad set of applications. We have structured our business to enable sales of branded products. We license the supply of components to independent manufacturers and we supply technology licensing to fabrication clients for production of application-specific products. License arrangements are designed to fully support product development and commercialization activities, and protect the intellectual property and other proprietary assets of AlphaGen Materials and our licensees.

ACTS CSI has complete stewardship of the CerarMix technology. One of the ACTS CSI objectives is to commercialize the production of building materials, industrial components and end user products. Our efforts are focused on this new and unique class of materials in order to make revolutionary structural and non-structural contributions to the building industry.

ACTS CSI is actively seeking production, distribution, and joint venture partners to enhance and expand the AlphaGen brand. ACTS CSI’s business model is flexible and anticipates at least six independent approaches to licensing CerarMix technologies including all trademarks. ACTS CSI’s business approach will vary by application.

Application Licensing

In this relationship, ACTS CSI will serve as a component supplier to the licensee. The licensee will apply CerarMix approved technology to produce fabricated components to meet certain design specifications. Clients who engage in this model will be licensees of the approved technology and trademarks for a specific set of components/applications. They may also receive support from ACTS CSI in developing and commercializing theie products. In certain cases, a production licensee may supply the required components.


Production Licensing

In this relationship, ACTS CSI will license CerarMix approved fabrication technology to a client who will utilize the process in their own operations to produce ACTS CSI end-user products for a set of pre-defined applications. ACTS CSI will enable the technology transfer and will provide assistance with equipment identification, production planning, materials formulation, and fabrication line optimization. These licensees may also receive commercialization support from ACTS CSI as well as the right to use AlphaGen trademarks.

We are focused on structuring an agreement that fully supports your product development process and your commercial success. Please call us at 877-444-0880, or Contact Us today to learn more.