Panelized Building

Built Your Structure Exactly As You Envisioned It

The fact that ACTS CSI structures are so easy to erect is one of the cornerstones of our worldwide appeal. Our structures can be shipped anywhere in the world where they are assembled, installed and fully functional within a short period of time.

An ACTS CSI structure utilizes a panelized building system. This is a method of engineering, manufacturing and assembling a structure in a factory setting where it is then shipped to a project site and placed on level ground, or a temporary to permanent foundation so that it will function and perform with very predictable results. When you choose ACTS CSI for your project, we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised by the exceptional value and versatility that your structure brings through panelized building.

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ACTS CSI’s primary focus is to produce and deliver the basic structure. ACTS CSI can offer standard upgrades such as: plumbing, solar, electrical, HVAC system, septic system, toilet, bathroom sink, shower, kitchen sink and cabinetry. ACTS CSI’s network of production licensees will handle the upgrades and cosmetic enhancements such as flooring, counter tops, paint, wall textures, etc.
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