Low Cost Ownership

Minimum Maintenance - Maximum Protection

By using quality materials and innovative building Real estatetechniques ACTS CSI can ensure that their structures are low maintenance. Low maintenance translates into a lower cost of ownership over a longer period of time.

The beauty of an ACTS CSI CerarMix Housing structure is that it requires far less work on the part of the owner to keep it looking like new. Part of maintaining a building over the course of its lifetime involves repair of damage from such elements of nature as rain, wind, termites, vermin, dry rot, mold and mildew, and paint peeling or fading. ACTS CSI uses its patented CerarMix technology in all of its structures which increases its overall performance and durability.

Whether a family dwelling, a commercial building, temporary medical center, or a military command center, ACTS CSI structures require a minimum of maintenance while providing a maximum of protection. AND when there’s less maintenance…there’s less costs involved to own the building. That’s the beauty of ACTS CSI structures.
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